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Hugs & Kisses Magnetic Bracelet with Hearts
Men's Titanium Magnetic Bracelet
Price: $89.95
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Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet
Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet
Price: $89.95
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Questions and Answers
* Only sizes bigger or smaller than my size is available, can you size it for me if I place an order?
- Yes. Most of the titanium or stainless steel magnetic bracelets come in full size. We can resize them to any size shown. When inventory level is less then number of sizes, some sizes are shown as out of stock. You can pick any size that is shown as in stock and give us a note to tell us what size you want with your order. If you email us separately, make sure you include your order #. If you order more than one item, make sure you tell us the item # and the size for each item, too.
* How do you know what size to order for the titainium bracelets?  Wrist plus add some or measure old bracelet?
- Just measure your actual wrist size plus about 1/4" for comfort, then find the size closest to your measurement.
* How many magnetic bracelet can I wear at a time?
- That's a good question for which we don't have a definite answer. It really is a matter of personal preference. There are people wearing 5 at a time. For therapeutic purpose, more may be better. But please be advised that these bracelets are not sold as medical devices and should not be used to replace medical therapy. For a professional opinion, please consult a doctor or therapist.

* How do I remove an excessive link?
-  The bracelet is connected with pins. All you have to do is to use a push pin (about 0.8mm in diameter) to push the pin out, then take out the excessive link(s) and reconnet it by putting the pin back in place.
* Is the titanium magnetic bracelet adjustable like a watch band to where you can take links out to size them?

- Yes, but due to the fixed length of the links, they can only be adjusted to the lengths shown on our web page in the specifications under the product image. We offer free resizing service and it is advisable not to do it yourself because it may not be as easy as it may seem without the proper tools. Just select the proper size you want, we will be more than happy to size it for you before shipping.

* Can you tell me which of your bracelets have adjustable links and do you adjust them to size prior to shipping?

- Almost all our magnetic titanium bracelets and stainless steel magnetic bracelets are link bracelets and resizable except a few of them which have too few links. There are size options next to the product image. Just click on the down arrow, you will see a drop down list of different sizes you can choose from. Since these bracelets are resizable, in case your desirable size option is out of stock, please just order whatever size available and send us a note with your payment to let us know your size, we will resize it before it is shipped. We will also include some extra links in case it turns out to be too small so that you still have an option of putting the extra links back in to enlarge it.

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Lady's Titanium Magnetic Bracelet
Magnetic Therapy Bracelet
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Lady's Titanium Magnetic Bracelet
Lady's Magnetic Therapy Bracelet
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